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alhamdulillah i am beautiful girl and i have a elegant looking i consider myself to be a moderate woman who knows how to balance all aspects of life. I am extremely clean-hygienic Islamic values and principles are very important to me- as I believe they are the core to our being- our attitude- behaviour and mannerisms are all reflected in our teachings as muslims. Alhamdullilah i pray 5 times but am far from perfect- nevertheless I constantly strive to better myself. I like to treat others- how I would like to be treated... I-m loyal- trustworthy and opend mind. I love seeing the best in everyone and have a positive outlook on life- and I-m motivated towards success. Therefore my ultimate goal is to succeed in this life by worshipping Allah -swt- and trying my best to do as much good as I-m traditional yet modern- I appreciate family values and would love to meet someone who is family orientated and loves children like me I am seeking that -someone special- to share my life with Someone who loves me sake of Allah plus who have knowledge in religion who pray 5 times and real man who protect his wif A man who is not searching for the perfect woman- but a woman who is perfect for him... Basically someone down to earth and simple in his conduct in life...Most importantly someone who has fear of Allah swt and will strive together as a team to build a platform for the next life Please contact me only if you are serious about marriage. Thank you for taking time to view my profile. Wish you all the best in your search.




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